For the Dreamers The Explorers And the Rebels


Be yourself, your eyewear can handle it

Build for active kids

With MILO & ME eyewear, kids can run around and play sports all they like. Be a tiger, a rock star, soccer player, sailor, a dinosaur, or a princess. Your eyewear can handle it.

Designed to look cool

Perhaps most important of all... kids look awesome with MILO & ME glasses! Look cool and feel great with our trendy eyewear. 

Experience perfect fit

We have the perfect fit for every child! Our eyewear is 100% designed with love. Experience the perfect fit, the flexibility, and the stay-on capacity of our frames.

Bend it, your glasses can handle it.

Our MILO & ME eyewear is made of extremely flexible and sturdy TR90 material, free from plasticizers and with adjustable temples. Super lightweight and super comfortable! 

Discover our collection

MILO & ME is a Hilco Vision brand and available worldwide. Dealers can contact:

USA Hilco Vision 

Germany Breitfeld&Schliekert 

The Netherlands Optiplus

Belgium Optiplus Belgium 

Europe, other countries Breitfeld&Schliekert (website with European dealer information)

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